Interview Questions

How do you set the shipping address to the order or shipping group?

  • We use the ShippingGroup droplet to display all the available shipping addresses. The ShiipingGroupDroplet will get the available addresses from the Profiles shipingAddress and secondaryAddresses properties.
  • Then the user will select the shippingAddress from the list. 
  • Then the selected address will be set the current shipping group by calling the handleApplyShippingGroups method of ShippingGroupFormHandler.
  • We can create a shipping group manually by using the ShippingGroupManager.createShippingGroup by passing the address. After that we call ShippingGroupManager.addShippingGroupToOrder method.
  • The user will also select the shipping method and set to the shipping group such as NextDay , Two Day or Ground.We will use AvailableShippingMethods droplet which fetches all the shipping methos names from the Shipping calculators. Each Shipping Calculator has a property called shiipingMethod.

ATG Dynamo : J2EE application server of ATG

ATG Design Pattern :
         MVC & IOC (inversion of contral or dependency injection - Used to resolve components dependency)
Droplet design pattern :
          Dispatcher View Startegy (a pull based MVC)
Form Handler design pattern :
          Service To Workers Strategy (a push based MVC)

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